Feed the Need

Feed the Need

Many people in our area (Dauphin Island and surrounding communities) are in dire need of food as well as Christian fellowship and prayer. Every other month we reach out to people through our Feed the Need Ministry. Anyone who has served in this ministry will tell you it is an enormously rewarding experience.

Held on the second Thursday of every other month, our church distributes frozen meat/food and groceries to anyone who comes to the church. Those in need are invited to pray with a volunteer willing to lead prayers. Most participants ask for prayer for the many troubles in their lives.

The food is purchased from the Feeding the Gulf Coast Food Bank and picked up on Tuesday before the Thursday distribution. The non-perishable items are also bagged for distribution on Tuesday morning from 10:30 - noon. The room setup is done by the men after Men's breakfast on Wednesday morning. Distribution is from 6:00 - 7:00 pm and volunteers are asked to arrive at 5:00 pm.

This ministry is funded by church members and the local community. If you are interested in donating, we prefer monetary donations because we can purchase the food more cheaply from the Feeding the Gulf Coast Food Bank than you can purchase it yourself. Simply make your check payable to DIUMC and write "FTN" on the memo line. Or, you can donate online by choosing "Feed the Need" from the menu. If you have food to donate, please message us on our facebook page and we will arrange to pick it up or meet you at the church for drop-off.

To volunteer please email Angie Hamilton at FeedtheNeed@diumc.org