God's Grace and Mercy Devotions



September 21, 2021


Grant us, O Lord,

The royalty of inward happiness

And the serenity that comes

From living close to Thee.

Daily renew in us the sense of joy,

And let Thy eternal Spirit dwell

In our souls and bodies,

filling every corner of our hearts

with light and gladness.

So that, bearing about with us

the infection of a good courage,

we may be diffusers of life,

and meet all that comes,

of good or ill, even death itself,

with gallant and high-hearted happiness;

giving Thee thanks always for all things.

Robert Louis Stevenson

A Pocket book of Prayers for Women 2004

My confirmations:

Inward happiness is royalty and it, along with serenity, come from living close to the Lord!

We are renewed and enjoy a daily sense of joy through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in our souls and bodies!

He fills our entire hearts with light and gladness!

We are infected with good courage and diffuse life!

We meet all that comes of good or ill, even death, with happiness!

We give thanks to our Lord always for everything!